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Compagnucci wine shop

From the evolution of the Hotel La Marchigiana , Enoteca Compagnucci was born, the sacred place for lovers of prestigious wines. Within this exclusive space it is possible to purchase gastronomic products from the Compagnucci Selection and the best wines from Italy and the rest of the world.

The great novelty of this digital evolution of the Compagnucci family is the creation of the online shop dedicated exclusively to the quality food and wine world where you can buy champagne and sparkling wines , large wines , wines from Marche and a special selection of truffles , cheeses , the best of norcineria and extra virgin olive oil .

Moved by curiosity, the Compagnucci family has always traveled around Italy, thus having the opportunity to discover many fine labels and wineries. Hence the desire to bring to Sarnano only the best of everyone's oenology and offer customers a wine that is not the classic table wine: "Drink less but drink quality" is the family motto .

Not to be overlooked is the collecting of rare bottles , the investment wine and the possibility of uncorking a prestigious bottle also to celebrate together with friends and relatives a special event such as a wedding, birthday and much more.

Our pride is the very high level of personalization of services , maximum attention to the needs of our clients i, friendliness and obviously a raw material of the highest quality level, both as regards the food and the fine wines that are selected every day.

"Our customers love to relax and feel at home: here they can enjoy our spaces and food and wine offers that are well suited to any age and different tastes".

The excellent products selected by the Compagnucci family are many, but the flagship in the food sector is certainly truffles, along with local cured meats and cheeses. As for the wine sector, the proposals range from the best of national production to Champagne: with particular pride the shipment of many fine wines is guaranteed throughout Italy, including Marche excellences such as Kurni and the Kupra of Oasi degli Angeli.