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La Marchigiana Great Appetizer Box


Bring the “La Marchigiana Grand Appetizer Box” to your home and enjoy all the ancient flavors of our restaurant, wherever you want. This elegant box signed Enoteca Compagnucci contains all the secrets of the appetizer that has made us famous throughout Italy:

  • Spreadable Salami Vacuum-packed slice about 400g
  • Larded Salami Vacuum-packed slice about 400g
  • Seasoned Capocollo Vacuum-packed slice about 850g
  • Aged Pecorino in Pit Vacuum-packed slice about 400g
  • Semi-seasoned Pecorino White Mold Slice Vacuum-packed about 400g
  • Forest Truffle 90g
  • Porcini Mushrooms in Sauce 80g
  • Slices of Black Summer Truffle 30g

All our cured meats are produced with 100% Italian meat, without preservatives, without dyes and without gluten. Both the cheeses and the cured meats in our boxes are the same that we serve every day in the restaurant “La Marchigiana” in Sarnano (MC).

To bring these authentic flavors home, you can choose the collection at our facility available within 24 hours or the standard shipping that will deliver the selected box and all the other products to the chosen address.

The Conciergerie service is also active for food products, for orders over 2,000 euros, Enoteca Compagnucci offers this direct delivery service in the Marche and Umbria regions.

La Marchigiana Great Appetizer Box